Books and E-BooksSteven reading a book

for in-depth and background coverage

Books cover virtually any topic, both fact (non-fiction) and fiction. For research purposes, you will probably be looking for non-fiction books.

For in-depth and background coverage

Books are written on virtually any topic, fact or fiction. Because books are longer than articles, they can show how all the current research on a topic fits together, they can compare and contrast differing arguments about a subject, and they can give details that often are omitted from shorter sources.

E-books, which are electronic versions of books, are available at most libraries. There are a variety of ways to read and view e-books. GHC's are viewable online from any computer connected to the internet, while some libraries have e-books that you need to download to your computer or e-reader.

You can use Google Books to find e-books that may not be in your library. Most of these books are not full-text, but you'll often be able to view "snippets" or short passages from books online.


After completing this tutorial, you should be able to

  • Recognize when books are the appropriate type of source for your research.
  • Apply checks to determine if a specific book is credible and appropriate for your need.
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updated: 28 August, 2009